Stewardship Board

Goal: To create an environment that will encourage a sense of ownership.


  • Increase financial giving.
  • Encourage participation.
  • Help every member find away to give.


  • Find ushers to assist with church services.
  • Oversee coffee hour.
  • Be the head steward for the month twice a year.
  • Help plan and run the fall pledge drive.
  • Help host special events.
  • Contribute to the newsletter.
  • Help write “Did You Know” statements.
  • Try to encourage people to have an ownership in the church.
  • Keep members informed of their current giving.
  • Find positive ways to encourage financial support.
  • Encourage members to use their time and talents to support the church.

Mission & Outreach

Mission statement: The board of Mission and Outreach shall provide leadership and direction in reaching out to those in need in our community and world and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.


  • Select an organization for the month
  • Contact that organization to find out their needs
  • Select what will be collected each week
  • Get donations to the organization
  • Oversee the “Clothes Closet”
  • Oversee the “Quilters and Sewers”
  • The first Sunday of the month collect donations for the food shelf or Samaritan Fund
  • Host the free community dinners twice a year
  • Host the Superior Singers meal
  • Plan the mitten, scarf and hat drive
  • Plan and organize the winter coats and boot drive
  • Oversee the Little Blue Bookshelf literacy program
  • And any additional groups that are chosen to support

Deacons Board

Goal: Deacons provide spiritual leadership in the congregation, working with the pastor, to guide the work, witness, worship, and service of the congregation in the world.


  • Meet with the pastoral team to pray for the needs and spiritual growth of our congregational family
  • Arrange subs for Pastor when they are absent or cover the service
  • Find lectors for Sunday services
  • Find communion assistance and train them for Sunday services
  • Oversee the music committee and altar committee
  • Make sure there is communion bread for the first Sunday of the month
  • Oversee the extra responsibilities of extra services
  • Maintain the oil candle
  • Oversee Christmas tree setup/decorate/take down

Education Board


  • Oversee the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, 1st Communion Preparation, Confirmation, and Adult Bible Study
  • Oversee Rally Day
  • Selects the curriculum and evaluate it.
  • Secure a Sunday School Superintendent
  • Secure teachers for all classes
  • Hosts 1st Communion, Confirmation, and Graduation Sundays
  • Oversee Bibles to 3rd graders
  • Oversee the Christmas program
  • Create a calendar of educational events for the year
  • Administer College Scholarship program for members attending Lutheran Colleges
  • Secure someone to provide music for Sunday School

Trustee Board

Goal: The Trustees will be in charge of the general management of all matters relating to legal and corporate affairs and to supervise the maintenance of the properties of the congregation.


  • Create a budget for the congregation
  • Oversee the budget for the congregation
  • Prepare and oversee contacts with groups renting the building
  • Make sure all utilities are paid
  • Contract for snow removal
  • Supervise building maintenance
  • Oversee the Audit Committee
  • Oversee Investment Committee
  • Oversee paid staff
  • Maintain a secure building